How to dress for horse riding?

Horses are majestic animals. They are powerhouses of pent up energy, which can be utilized for the good of humanity. In the early days, men used to ride on horses to commute from one place to another. During the days of the kings till the early years of the Industrial Revolution, horses were used for drawing wagons. But with the advent of cars, using these animals for the purpose of commuting has almost vanished. Now, you see horseback riding more as a sport and leisure activity.

But you must keep in mind that every sport has a proper dress or uniform. The same goes for horseback riding. Without the proper garments, the rider will not be able to enjoy the real feel of the sport. If you are a newcomer, then it is mandatory that you gather information about dressing for the occasion.

Essentials for horseback riding

If you initiate a search on the internet, then you will get many articles, which will provide you with an idea about the proper horse riding garments. There are many online stores, which will give you a look at the complete ensemble as well. The following points will assist you in dressing appropriately for the ride:

  1. Go for breeches

Wearing jeans or leggings is not a good decision. It is better to opt for breeches made of cotton or other soft and breathable materials. As the rider will constantly be moving on the back of the horse, the rough fabric of the leggings or jeans might rub against the skin and result in painful skin rashes. As the jeans are stiff, the rider will not be able to move in a free manner and it will result in discomfort.

  1. Opt for t-shirts and shirts

For top wear, the best option is to settle for the normal shirt or the t-shirts. Make sure that the tops are not very tight. The room is a must so that the rider can move and feel in a comfortable manner. If you have a polo shirt in your possession, then it will assist you in making a good impression on the trainers. It is best to opt for linen or cotton. These fabrics absorb the sweat and allow air to flow in and out.

  1. Riding boots

Providing protection to the feet is the next important aspect, and a rider must never underestimate the usefulness of a pair of good riding boots. It is better to purchase a boot that has a square heel. It will eliminate the chances of your foot slipping. These long boots will also provide protection to the legs in case the rider falls.

  1. Headgear

Protecting the head is also important. In case the horse goes out of control, and there is no other option but to jump, a proper riding helmet will save the head from any damage. When purchasing the helmet, make sure that it has been certified under the standards of ASTM/SEI.

Last but not the least; you will also have to pay attention to the other riding accessories. The main items that come under this category are gloves from protecting the hands and socks for feet. Wearing the right garment will provide you with a smart look, and you will feel more in control of the situation.