Safety tips for horse riding

The craze of adventure sports has been increasing, and the attraction of these sporting events cannot be denied. Among the various kinds of outdoor adventure sports, horseback riding has been topping the charts for a long time. The existence of the horseback riding can be dated back to the dawn of the primitive human civilization. People understood that these magnificent and elegant beasts are huge sources of raw power and if it channelized in the right way, they would be able to yield both speed and force. Now, riding on the horseback is mainly associated with sports and leisure. Many love the adrenaline rush that they feel in their veins.

Tips for a safe and enjoyable horseback riding experience

It must not be forgotten that these beasts have a mind of their own. Apart from this, the sheer drop from their back can seriously injure the rider. Along with these, the track can present a lot of hindrances as well.  It is better to follow the safety norms for receiving an enjoyable horseback riding experience. The following are some points, which can save your day:

  1. Checking the gears

Wearing the tight uniform and utilizing the appropriate gears ate the primary concerns. Do not mount the horsebacks when you are wearing dresses with trails. These might get tangled in the legs of the beasts and result into painful fall. Make sure that you are wearing the right attire before mounting the back of the horse. Do check that the saddle on the back of the horse is placed firmly. The riders must wear helmets, knee and elbow guards for cushioning the impact of the fall in case of any accidents.

  1. Proper training is a must

Never try to maneuver the horse if you lack the right set of skills. It is mandatory that the riders are properly trained to handle the horse and its movements. If you are a beginner, then make sure that you ride the horse under the watchful eyes of an accomplished trainer.

  1. Refrain from making loud and sudden sounds

Horses are very sensitive to loud sounds and sudden movements. One small mistake of the riders can trigger the impulse in the animal to dash in any direction. The behavior of the rider will have a direct impact on the beast. If the rider becomes nervous, the horse will be able to sense it and may make sudden movements. The bond between the rider and the horse will cement their relation. A confident rider will be able to guide the movements of the horse.

  1. Learning to take the fall

If the horse is out of control and the rider is unable to conduct it properly, the best way of saving your skin is to jump from the back of the horse. It is known as “taking the fall.” But any fall will not do. There is a specific way of making the leap. The fall might hurt you, but it will save your life.

These points highlight only the tip of the iceberg. Reading article and books, published on the topic will give you a theoretical knowledge. But for in-depth information and firsthand experience, you will have to get an admission in a training institute. It is better to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

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