Why you should take your family on a farm holiday?

The holiday season is knocking on the door. It’s time to pack your bags and get ready to embark on the journey that will change the way you see life. If you think that booking an expensive holiday package is the only way of acquiring a unique feeling, then it is the time that you changed the notion. When people plan a vacation, they mainly desire to get away from the noise, dust, pollution and the pressures of living in a city life. You need not book a resort to do this. Drive into the countryside, and you will feel the fresh air in your lungs. As more and more people understand the benefits that a farm holiday can offer, the number of such service providers is increasing with leaps and bounces.

Benefits of opting for farm holidays

The farm holidays will enrich your life in various ways. If you are still in dilemma whether to book a farm holiday for your family, then the following points will assist you in taking the final decision:

Enjoying the countryside ambiance

There is a marked difference between the ambiance and the feel of the countryside and the city. As the farms are mostly located in the countryside, they are potential sources of natural beauty. The air is clean, and the surrounding environment is pristine. You will be able to relax in the amazing setting and flush out the stress from your system.

Bonding with the family

The city keeps people on their heels at all times. They get very little time to interact with the family members on a personal basis. The farm holiday is the best way of enhancing the bond between the family members. There is a lot to do in the farms and including your family in the fun activities will bring them closer to one another. After all, the main aim of taking a holiday is to bond with yourself as well as other.

Experiencing outdoor activities

It has been mentioned that farm holiday will provide you the chance of taking part in a number of outdoor activities. Hunting, fishing hiking, riding the horse are just some of them. The farm holiday will provide you with the much-needed energy to say adios to the couch and get involved in some physical activity.

Getting to know the animals better

It is obvious that the farms will have a number of domesticated and wild animals. If you are fond of animals, then booking a farm holiday will give you and your family the appropriate opportunity of bonding with the animals and knowing more about them.

Fabulous foods and drinks

Last but not the least, satisfying your taste buds is imperative. The farm holidays will give you and your family the chance of sinking your teeth in some delicious steak and mashed potatoes, cooked in country style. The fresh produce of the same farm will double the taste of the food.

No one thing will make the entire holiday fulfilling. The feel comes from the potent concoction of all the points mentioned above. If you have been staying away from this kind of holiday experiences, it’s about time you surprised your family with one this season.

How to choose a farm for your holidays?

There are no extra points for guessing that by spending the right amount of money, you will be able to get the ultimate holiday experience in any part of the world. But you like out of the box experience; you need to fine tune your mind in such a way that it comes up with unique and almost weird ideas. In the first instance, the ideas might sound utterly bogus, but once you clear your mind of all inhibitions, you will realize that weird ideas can provide you with the best experience. If you love traveling and spending your holidays in the clean and quiet countryside is what you are looking for, then opting for a vacation in the farms is exactly what you need.

Choosing the right farms

As people are mastering up the courage of trying out new things, the number of farms, providing food and lodging to tourists is also increasing with leaps and bounces. The owners of these farms are also advertising and promoting their services on the internet. But you will have to be very careful before sealing the deal with a farm. If you are a novice in this department, then the following points will assist you in your quest:

  1. Quality of the services provided

The first thing that you should inquire about is the kind of services you will be provided with. If you are expecting 5-star hotel services on a farm holiday, then you are living in a fool’s world. But the basic amenities must be available for the comfort of the travelers. 24X7 water, electricity, and heating services are a must. These will make your stay enjoyable and worth remembering.

  1. Farm fresh food

The main reason why people are flocking to the farms for spending their holidays is to get away from the noise and pollution of the cities. The farms also offer delicious local cuisines, which is not available anywhere else. They use fresh farm products for the making the delicious dishes. Before booking a farm holiday, make sure you are getting farm produced products.

  1. Fits your budget

The amount that you will have to spend for the farm holidays will depend on the kind of services they are providing. If you have ample money to spare, then the world is your oyster. In case you have a tight budget to follow, then it is better to see the best that you can get within the fixed financial plan. A quick search on the internet will provide you a detailed chart of the money that the farms charge.

  1. Arrangement of outdoor activities

The best part of spending your holidays on a farm is the availability of various kinds of adventure sports and outdoor activities. Most of the farms offer hiking, horseback riding, fishing and much more. If your main aim is to indulge in these activities, it is better to check out the things the farm is offering. Once you take a look at the activity list, you will be in a better position to select the best farm of the rest.

Spending the holiday on a farm is a one of a kind experience that will stay etched in your mind forever. If you love nature and the rustic feel of the countryside, then you will not want to travel to expensive places for your holidays.

How to dress for horse riding?

Horses are majestic animals. They are powerhouses of pent up energy, which can be utilized for the good of humanity. In the early days, men used to ride on horses to commute from one place to another. During the days of the kings till the early years of the Industrial Revolution, horses were used for drawing wagons. But with the advent of cars, using these animals for the purpose of commuting has almost vanished. Now, you see horseback riding more as a sport and leisure activity.

But you must keep in mind that every sport has a proper dress or uniform. The same goes for horseback riding. Without the proper garments, the rider will not be able to enjoy the real feel of the sport. If you are a newcomer, then it is mandatory that you gather information about dressing for the occasion.

Essentials for horseback riding

If you initiate a search on the internet, then you will get many articles, which will provide you with an idea about the proper horse riding garments. There are many online stores, which will give you a look at the complete ensemble as well. The following points will assist you in dressing appropriately for the ride:

  1. Go for breeches

Wearing jeans or leggings is not a good decision. It is better to opt for breeches made of cotton or other soft and breathable materials. As the rider will constantly be moving on the back of the horse, the rough fabric of the leggings or jeans might rub against the skin and result in painful skin rashes. As the jeans are stiff, the rider will not be able to move in a free manner and it will result in discomfort.

  1. Opt for t-shirts and shirts

For top wear, the best option is to settle for the normal shirt or the t-shirts. Make sure that the tops are not very tight. The room is a must so that the rider can move and feel in a comfortable manner. If you have a polo shirt in your possession, then it will assist you in making a good impression on the trainers. It is best to opt for linen or cotton. These fabrics absorb the sweat and allow air to flow in and out.

  1. Riding boots

Providing protection to the feet is the next important aspect, and a rider must never underestimate the usefulness of a pair of good riding boots. It is better to purchase a boot that has a square heel. It will eliminate the chances of your foot slipping. These long boots will also provide protection to the legs in case the rider falls.

  1. Headgear

Protecting the head is also important. In case the horse goes out of control, and there is no other option but to jump, a proper riding helmet will save the head from any damage. When purchasing the helmet, make sure that it has been certified under the standards of ASTM/SEI.

Last but not the least; you will also have to pay attention to the other riding accessories. The main items that come under this category are gloves from protecting the hands and socks for feet. Wearing the right garment will provide you with a smart look, and you will feel more in control of the situation.

Safety tips for horse riding

The craze of adventure sports has been increasing, and the attraction of these sporting events cannot be denied. Among the various kinds of outdoor adventure sports, horseback riding has been topping the charts for a long time. The existence of the horseback riding can be dated back to the dawn of the primitive human civilization. People understood that these magnificent and elegant beasts are huge sources of raw power and if it channelized in the right way, they would be able to yield both speed and force. Now, riding on the horseback is mainly associated with sports and leisure. Many love the adrenaline rush that they feel in their veins.

Tips for a safe and enjoyable horseback riding experience

It must not be forgotten that these beasts have a mind of their own. Apart from this, the sheer drop from their back can seriously injure the rider. Along with these, the track can present a lot of hindrances as well.  It is better to follow the safety norms for receiving an enjoyable horseback riding experience. The following are some points, which can save your day:

  1. Checking the gears

Wearing the tight uniform and utilizing the appropriate gears ate the primary concerns. Do not mount the horsebacks when you are wearing dresses with trails. These might get tangled in the legs of the beasts and result into painful fall. Make sure that you are wearing the right attire before mounting the back of the horse. Do check that the saddle on the back of the horse is placed firmly. The riders must wear helmets, knee and elbow guards for cushioning the impact of the fall in case of any accidents.

  1. Proper training is a must

Never try to maneuver the horse if you lack the right set of skills. It is mandatory that the riders are properly trained to handle the horse and its movements. If you are a beginner, then make sure that you ride the horse under the watchful eyes of an accomplished trainer.

  1. Refrain from making loud and sudden sounds

Horses are very sensitive to loud sounds and sudden movements. One small mistake of the riders can trigger the impulse in the animal to dash in any direction. The behavior of the rider will have a direct impact on the beast. If the rider becomes nervous, the horse will be able to sense it and may make sudden movements. The bond between the rider and the horse will cement their relation. A confident rider will be able to guide the movements of the horse.

  1. Learning to take the fall

If the horse is out of control and the rider is unable to conduct it properly, the best way of saving your skin is to jump from the back of the horse. It is known as “taking the fall.” But any fall will not do. There is a specific way of making the leap. The fall might hurt you, but it will save your life.

These points highlight only the tip of the iceberg. Reading article and books, published on the topic will give you a theoretical knowledge. But for in-depth information and firsthand experience, you will have to get an admission in a training institute. It is better to be prepared for the worst case scenario.